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Yes, I know - piracy is a 'no-no', it's a crime, yada, yada, yada...

On the other hand we have more practical approach. For example let's talk about books:

+ price
Sorry, but in many cases it's a big killer. You know, the funny thing is that I buy more books in English than in my native language because they are much cheaper although they are imported from abroad ^^;

+ availability in ones country (in any language)
Shipment is a killer as well, usually it costs much more than bought book ^^; (and yes, I like paperback books).

+ availability at all
Let's see... I wanted (and still want) to read this one book recommended to my by a friend and guess what - it's not in stock in any bookshop (even internet shops, and have in mind I'm talking about shops that can be trusted), neither as paperback nor as e-book -_-

Yes, piracy is wrong, but it's often happening for a reason (and I'm not talking about people doing it for money). So what can be done about this and by whom? Any thoughts?