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Mirror ([personal profile] mirr) wrote2012-03-03 05:09 pm
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It seems I'm a person who can't keep people close to myself. Somehow anyone I think of as a friend just 'walk' away. They are still near but not with me. It's strange. I feel like I'm invisible. I do know my personality doesn't help, I'm not out-going person and I don't talk much with people I don't know, but I'm not gonna to change myself. I happen to like my personality even though it doesn't help me to make friends.
F***, I really hate how others forget about me, that I'm in the same room as they are, that i talk with them, ok at least try to talk. Not my fault I can't talk about 'all-and-nothing' and I'm not fond of politics and sports. Damn... even my own family...