I'm so pissed. Why? Because my boss is so "we need to be sure everything works perfectly" but what she does? Nothing. She only expect that we do all the work and is suddenly surprised when something she does goes wrong. Hello? We do not know what stuff she does nor have we ever been told how it should be convert to the new specifications. Its her job to take care of it.

On another note. As far as I know there's no external DVD for Android. I wonder when will they make one. Probably when tablets become much more popular ^^;


Jun. 3rd, 2011 07:06 pm
this week was somehow hectic, at least at some hours, to the point when I started wondering if I could take some days off from some of my duties. Unfortunately it won't happen. Shame.
On a happier note we (means employees of company I work for) had this huge cake yesterday. It was delicious and big enough to make today happy as well. You know what they say... I'll go on a diet, well from tomorrow... ^^;
On a less happier note, I have ears problems because of allergies so I'll be on some medications for half a year, probably. Damn...
And yes, I'm in a bitchy mood today, thought no idea why... Hormones? But I'm not pregnant... Double damn...
I'm planning to use this journal to talk about things that interest me practising my English at the same time. Yeah, I'm not native and I make a lot or grammar, spelling and other mistakes. Sorry in advance, if you are interested in this DW - just bear with it. But all corrections, pointers and any help would be much appreciate.



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